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3D Illusion

The 3D Illusion displays an illusion of an object, which is actually inside the mirascope, on top of it.

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  • If you put an object into the 3D Illusion, it appears on top of the case.
  • The object looks completely real, but you can move your fingers through it!
  • The effect is created by two mirrors inside the 3D Illusion.

This 3D Illusion will amaze everyone who sees it: An optical effect displays an illusion of an object, which is actually inside the 3D Illusion, on top of it.

The effect is explained as follows: The 3D Illusion uses two curved mirrors, which are placed above each other. The top mirror has a hole in it. If you now put an object in the middle of the lower mirror, this object will be reflected on the both mirrors and it will appear as an illusive picture on top of the hole in the top mirror. You will think the object is really there because it looks nearly as it is real, but if you touch it, you can just move your fingers right through it. You can turn the 3D Illusion about 360 degrees and watch the illusion of the object from all sides (but if the point of view leaves a certain height the illusion will disappear).

The 3D Illusion has a diameter of 14,5cm, the height is 5cm. It will be delivered together with a small plastic frog sculpture to test the illusion, but it works will all objects of a maximum size of 4x4cm (but please avoid using metal objects as these can leave scratches on the mirror surfaces).

Technical details

  • Dimensions : 14,5x5cm
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